The Agreement between Somaliland Education Sport Center (SESC) and Somaliland Ministry of Youth and sport (MOYS).

Agreement between Somaliland Education Sport Center (SESC) and Somaliland Ministry of Youth and sport (MOYS). This is a cooperation agreement between Somaliland Education Sports Center (SESC) and Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS). Throughout the collaboration, SESC and MOYS want to strengthen sports and education in Somaliland. SESC will always be available through advice, planning and exchange of expertise, by agreement in each case and without consideration. SESC also wishes to contribute sports equipment and other practical equipment at regular basis. Objectives: Structures; SESC will become a national agency for Somaliland, which can be turned into national ownership of the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOYS). Build sports fields for ball games and athletics. The ownership of the courses will be transferred to MOYS. Structures: To become a national agency for Somaliland, so that they can get organized as National Football League SESC shall be a facilitator to serve the country and its residents and will gradually be transferred to MOYS to take over the overall management.

Sub-goals: Pre-projects that will contribute to lasting change such as: Sports in schools for primary and lower secondary schools and upper secondary schools. Organize all sports academy and implement Rules and Regulation so that the foundation pads are solid.

SESC will build a sports database 'The Sport Information and Communication System (SICS)" is used to manage and carry out all sports activity in the MOYS field. This means, among other things, that all matches, courts, players, referees, match reports and club and team roles are registered in SICS. Data collection and management is done by federation,

circuit and club in common. SICS offers online services such as team registration, match racing, referee allocation, judge and player registration, judge and player transitions, registration club and team roles, competence building and combat reporting with registration of match events. These services are based on collecting, storing and pub lishing personal information for all persons participating in the sport activity. You must have a user ID and password to access the system.